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Social Media Marketing Course Personal Sessions

Personal 121 Sessions of Marketing Course in Mumbai - Full Social Media Blueprint.

With this Social Media Marketing Course, you will develop complete knowledge to use social media to promote your business. This involves gaining strategies for participation and marketing, audience behavior studies, content creation, and using different social media platforms to the fullest. This course also goes in-depth into practical skills to make you not only ready to grow your career in digital marketing but also able to start and run your social media marketing agency with success.

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Our students are now leading digital initiatives in top companies. After mastering digital marketing with us, they’ve joined national and international firms, applying the insights and skills gained from our comprehensive training.

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This course offers an exclusive opportunity for a personal session with our experienced trainer, tailored to extensively focus on growing your niche business in the digital realm. Gain invaluable insights and personalized strategies to elevate your online presence and achieve measurable success.

Delightful Things That Our Scholars HaveSaid

Delightful Things That Our Scholars HaveSaid

Taking the social media marketing course from Web Colors Digital was a game-changer for me. As a new entrepreneur, I've seen my online business thrive, thanks to the practical strategies and insights gained from the course. Highly recommend it to anyone looking to boost their digital presence!

Rohan Mehra

The social media marketing course at Web Colors Digital empowered me to start my own digital agency. The comprehensive curriculum covered everything I needed to know to succeed. I'm now helping clients enhance their online footprint, all thanks to this amazing course.

Ayesha Gupta

As a beginner in the digital world, the social media marketing course by Web Colors Digital was exactly what I needed. It helped me find work as a freelance marketer, and I'm now confidently working with several brands to improve their social media strategies.

Vikram Singh

I owe a big part of my business's online success to the social media marketing course from Web Colors Digital. It's helped me understand the nuances of various platforms and how to use them to my advantage. My business's online engagement has never been better!

Priyanka Sharma

This course was a stepping stone for me into the digital marketing world. With no prior experience, I was able to start my marketing agency, focusing on social media strategies for local businesses. The course content is gold!

Amit Patel

Web Colors Digital has transformed the way I approach social media for my startup. Their social media marketing course was packed with actionable insights and techniques that have significantly boosted my business's online presence.

Sneha Reddy

After taking the social media marketing course from Web Colors Digital, I've not only found work with a leading marketing agency but also started consulting for startups to improve their social media strategies. The practical tips and real-world applications were incredibly valuable.

Karan Desai

As someone who was just dabbling in digital marketing, this course provided me with the confidence and skills to boost my family business online. Our customer engagement has soared, and we've seen tangible growth in our online sales.

Manisha Koirala

Starting my digital marketing journey with Web Colors Digital's social media course was the best decision I've made. It laid down the foundation for me to explore creative and effective ways to market businesses online, leading me to start my own agency.

Sahil Verma

The social media marketing course was a revelation. As a beginner, I was amazed at how much I could learn and apply in a short period. It's helped me transform my hobby into a career, managing social media for several small businesses with confidence.

Anjali Rao



Below are a few common and frequently asked questions regarding our online digital marketing course.

No prior knowledge is required. The course is designed for beginners and those with some basic understanding of social media.

For this particular Social media Marketing Course is spread across 2 Batches:

  1. Weekly Classes: Every Thursday for 8 Weeks, 2 Hours a day, followed by Q&A session.
  2. Weekend Classes: Every Saturday & Sunday for 4 Weeks 2 Hours a Day, followed by Q&A session.

Prices vary for both. Please contact us on WHATSAPP for more details